Russian Visa

All visitors to Russia require a valid Russian travel visa. The granting of a visa to enter Russia is a legal requirement at the discretion of the Russian Consulate.

Types of Visa

Regardless of which type of visa you require, you can apply for Single Entry or Double Entry. Only the Business visa allows you multiple entries to the country.

The Application Process

The process of applying for a Russian visa can be complicated and even a small mistake can lead to your application being declined, making travel to Russia impossible. By arranging this through IntoRussia we can offer you peace of mind, as we will make sure that the application form is filled out correctly according to all legal requirements and that there will be no problems with the further process.

Russian Visa Invitation

All travellers to Russia require an Invitation for a Russian visa. This could be a simple visa support letter from a hotel, however for business and private visas it is required to obtain an Invitation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Please find more information about this process on our Russian Visa Invitation page.

Even if you have arranged your Visa elsewhere, IntoRussia can offer the invitation alone for a fee of £35.00.

Russian Visa Support documents

To process the your Russian visa application, we will require the following documents from you:

  • Original passport
  • Completed visa application form
  • One passport sized photograph
  • Russian visa support letter/Letter of invitation

More information about the required supporting documents for different types of visa are specified on the relevant pages.

Office of Visas and Registration

Further to receiving your visa, after you enter Russia you must acquire Registration of Foreigners paperwork at an OVIR office (Office of Visas and Registration). Getting these documents within the first 72 hours of your travel to Russia is a legal requirement. Travellers that stay in hotels do not have to register because the hotel will register them. If not, please find more information about our new visa service on our Russian Registration Service page.

If you are interested in using IntoRussia's Russia visa services, please select the type of visa which you are interested in above for more information. Alternatively, email or call our visa enquiries office on +44(0)20 7603 5045 to talk to one of our Travel Consultants.

IntoRussia is a non-governmental organisation and the services we offer include providing assistance in obtaining a visa to Russia in a timely and efficient manner by checking documentation, ensuring paperwork is completed correctly and by delivering and collecting documents on the client's behalf. Please note that we have no direct influence on the outcome of the application nor the visa processing time. These are determined only by the Consulate Section of the Embassy and they reserve the right to delay your application or require additional documents at any time.

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