How to Apply for a Chinese Visa

How to Apply for a Chinese Visa

The process of applying for a Chinese visa could prove complicated without the help of IntoRussia. Therefore, once you have booked the Chinese visa service with IntoRussia, we can help to make sure that the Chinese visa application form is filled out correctly with our full visa checking service. Contact us now on +44(0) 20 7603 5045 or at if you have any questions regarding the Chinese visa application process or if you would like to complete your Chinese visa application with us.

Application Process for a Chinese Visa

To obtain a Chinese visa you must complete the relevant application form. This can be downloaded by clicking here.

To apply for a Chinese visa in person you should book an appointment at one of Chinese Visa Application Centres in UK: Chinese Visa Application Centre in London, Manchester or Edinburgh. We can help to save you time with our comprehensive Chinese visa service, apply through our London office and we can submit and collect your Chinese visa on your behalf.

Chinese Visa Service

If you have booked the Chinese visa service with us then the process is simple:

1. We will send you a blank Chinese visa application form (for those choosing to handwrite the form) at this stage you can also submit any additional documents to support your visa application.

2. You can either fill in the form you received from us (handwritten) or click here to fill in the online Chinese visa application form.

3. Sign the application form where indicated and send it to IntoRussia along with your original passport, and one passport-sized photograph.

4. As you complete your visa application form online, or by hand, we are available for email and telephone support during our opening hours.

5. We will also advise you on any additional documents you need to complete or provide.

6. We will then submit and collect your Chinese visa on your behalf, and send your passport to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery (as requested).

All of the above steps of the Chinese visa application process fully comply with Chinese Law!

IntoRussia is a non-governmental organisation and the services we offer include providing assistance in obtaining a visa to Russia and its neighbouring countries in a timely and efficient manner by checking documentation, ensuring paperwork is completed correctly and by delivering and collecting documents on the client's behalf. Please note that we have no direct influence on the outcome of the application nor the visa processing time. These are determined only by the Consulate Section of the Embassy and they reserve the right to delay your application or require additional documents at any time.

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