Uzbekistan Transit Visa

Apply for Uzbekistan Transit Visa Support

Travel Enterance Visa iconWe offer full visa support for Kazakhstan visas. Our Visa Consultants will prepare your documents, submit your application, collect your passport on your behalf and send it back to you with visa ready. For us to process your application on your behalf, please collect the following documents:

  1. 2 copies of the visa application form
    Must be fully completed and signed, otherwise your application will be rejected.
  2. Copy of the invitation from inviting partners in Uzbekistan or copy of the air ticket to your final destination.
  3. Passport
    Passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of expiry of the visa and have at least one blank page to affix the visa and be valid for the entire period of your stay in the country.
  4. Copy of all used passport pages that contain stamps and visas

If you are satisfied that you have completed your Uzbekistan Visa application and have enclosed all required documentation, please send this to our Visa Department by Royal Mail Special Delivery or courier at the following address and we’ll take care of the rest:

Visa Department
18 Norland Road
London UK

Transit Visa Prices

Visa Type Service (Standard or Express) Embassy Fee Visa Application Centre Fee IntoRussia Fee Total
Up To 24 Hours 10 working days £21.00 £45.00 £45.00 £111.00
5 working days £32.00 £54.00 £45.00 £131.00
Up To 48 Hours 10 working days £25.00 £45.00 £45.00 £115.00
5 working days £38.00 £54.00 £45.00 £137.00
Up To 72 Hours 10 working days £29.00 £45.00 £45.00 £119.00
5 working days £44.00 £54.00 £45.00 £133.00
For Double Entry 10 working days £48.00 £45.00 £45.00 £126.00
5 working days £54.00 £54.00 £45.00 £153.00

N.B. Additional fees may apply for USA citizens. Please contact us for more information.

Registration in Uzbekistan

If your stay in Uzbekistan exceeds 3 days, you are required to register with the Local department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 3 working days after arrival. However if you stay in a hotel, the hotel should take care of such registration on your behalf.

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