William Le Blanc-Smith

We had a fantastic time, loved all of the sightseeing, had masses of excellent food and on the whole it worked pretty smoothly. The Peter hotel in Moscow was superb, Suzdal was comfortable but limited (as expected), the Kemplinski was very nice. That a twin meant two small beds was a shame as we both had a double in the Peter. All were superbly located though and that was key given that we wanted to explore a bit after the tours and go out for dinner. The guides were very good. The Moscow one was exceptionally helpful and friendly. Her English was okay but taking her off topic or asking questions could be tricky. The St Petersburg one spoke very good English.
I downloaded my c.900 photos yesterday so I think I’ll be busy for another week going through and sorting those out! Lots of great memories though.
In general, the feedback was that the programme worked very well, we really enjoyed it and were very happy (aside from Alice’s battles with hotel receptions!). I would not have wanted to do it without the drivers and guides because the signage on roads and metros is limited for English speakers and the people are not immediately hugely friendly. It would have been a much more stressful trip and given that we were fitting a lot in, wouldn’t have worked anything like as well if we had tried to move ourselves around.

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