Philip Miles

I would like to compliment and congratulate IntoRussia Ltd on a very fine service. I prefer to use your copany because I can be sure of the standard and quality of service which is consistently delivered. It is clear the experience and expertise withing the company places it firmly at the tp of its field. I am extremely happy with IntoRussia Ltd and have the utmost confidence in its service. As an example, recently I has a problem with my application for a Russian Visa at the Russia Visa Application Centre in London. I telephoned IntoRussia Ltd and explained the problem. Through the clear, polite and professional advice and assistance of Alena, the problem was resolved immediately and the application process continued smoothly with a positive outcome. Alena reassured me that IntoRussia Ltd is available to help and assist and that I shouldn't hesitate to phone if there are any queries. Through this experience I am 100% certain of the highest quality and professional performance of IntoRussia Ltd. I am very happy indeed with the service. Yours faithfully, Mr Philip Miles

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