Mr Cooney & Mr Limbus

Two Capitals Tailor-Made

Russia was a dream come true and the tours of both St Petersburg and Moscow were amazing not least of all because of our private tour guides, Svetlana in St Petersburg and Illiana in Moscow.

Svetlana was amazing, a student of Russian history and was so interesting and informative and most of all friendly. (we had tests at the end of some of the sights and might I say, we did well. Thank goodness they weren’t written tests hahaha).

Illiana was also very knowledgeable, however, a more mature lady and so the pace around Moscow was a little slower, not something we minded though, and she was also very happy and friendly.

We had a car and driver at our disposal every day and they were amazing. Russia, even though we did not stay long, is a memory both of us will treasure and if possible, we will return one day to see more.

Mr Cooney & Mr Limbus, UK

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