Lynda Hambling

Hi Lissa,

Trip to Moscow went very well, all the thorough preparations really helped and I passed smoothly through all the checks & serious looking officials. Had no trouble navigating and found everything without difficulty, was not approached or had any difficult moments so the result I walked miles.....went down the Metro with my guide but did not need to go to Gorky Park for the ice sculptures as winter had gone to the USA was +2 to +3c for about 3 days so no ice fishing would have been available either, just starting to go cold again now.

My tour party was me only which worked out very well, had guide Evgeniya Fedorova car and driver all to myself. Evgeniya was excellent, walked me to the other nearest supermarket (the red one was shut) which was not far and she could not have been more helpful & informative. The outstanding visit was to the Tretyakov Gallery, I'm not one for Art Galleries but instead of wandering through it all she concentrated on about approx 20 pictures and told the stories behind them, Ivan the Terrible kept cropping up, quite a character so was very interesting.

Tried to pick out the most colourful pics to show friends Moscow is quite lively & very modern now. Red Square was in party mode.

Thanks for the help you gave prior to my trip made a big difference and after 3 days with the guide I was confident to go exploring happily on my own, my winter coat made me look like a local which probably helped. Did not hear or speak to anyone from the UK inbetween flights.

Enjoyed my tour...many thanks.

Best Wishes

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