Hi Lissa

A total success and a wonderful trip for all the family! Budapest Hotel in Moscow, very nice; traditional, friendly staff, good a/c throughout and a great breakfast. Situated on a nice street with plenty of shops//bars/restaurants close by.

***The underground tour of Moscow a "must" and the guests would highly recommend this tour.***
The train between Moscow and St Petersburg was very good, 1st class service at all times; very comfortable. The buses used for the tours at each location were of a high standard and the guests felt safe and comfortable, they had good a/c and the commentary was excellent.

The Ambassador Hotel in St Petersburg was a grander property than the hotel in Moscow. However, it felt less "homely"! A large 4* hotel with plenty of shops close by and one selling water and snacks right next door, which proved very handy. The food at dinner, which was held in the hotel was very good. There was a nice bar for guests upstairs in this hotel.

The guides throughout were excellent and all spoke very good English; they were always in the right place at the right time. The guides were very knowledgeable.

The Alexandrinsky Theatre - "wow"! Definitely worth a visit. A Lovely theatre inside and Swan Lake was very good.

They would recommend the Peterhof Palace and Gardens excursion - amazing and a must do! The party opted to add in a "Night Boat trip" in St Petersburg which started at midnight and finished at 3am!! All the canal bridges opened up for the boat to pass under and the bridges were all lit up; very impressive.

Might be worth speaking a little Russian if you can and if you need special meals i.e vegetarian, try to ask for them in Russian and the appropriate menu will be brought to you.

Overall the group felt very safe and free!! There were no restrictions in place as to where they could go or could not, all areas were accessible. Surprising, but reassuring!!

Thanks again

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