I said I would give you some feedback on my recent visit to Ukraine. I won't go into great detail other than to say I had three objectives; to visit the country; to try and find my father's village and finally to find some of my family. As I explained Lisa and I achieved all three. It's absolutely impossible to explain the incredible feeling when we met all my cousins.
Without a doubt though the main reasons for the trip being so successful were the itinerary and the decision to have an interpreter with us 24/7. The best compliment I could pay to Intourist is that when I do go back I will seek the same itinenary again. It was exactly what I was looking for and could not be faulted. Flights were excellent, accommodation in Lviv superb and I would have no hesitation in recommending Ukrainian Airlines to friends.
What really made the visit so successful was the incredible support we received from our guide, Yoroslav. He was with us 24/7 which was essential as nobody could speak the other's language, but he went beyond that. He was always on hand to translate, to provide guidance on traditions etc and to ensure we gained as much as we could out of the trip. He was like a member of the family and he was the main reason we achieved what we did. I would strongly recommend him to other visitors and we will use him next time.
Sorry for going on so much but it's difficult to put into words what we did and this was wholly down to the organisation arranged by Intourist and our tour guide.
Kind Regards,

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