Noel Ing

As you know from our telephone conversation we returned last week from the above tour, which you organised. I am writing for both of us, to say how much we enjoyed ourselves, and to thank you and your colleagues in Russia for, and congratulate you on, the success of the arrangements. In a little more detail: we found all three flights with Aeroflot very comfortable - especially the "long haul" from Vladivostok to Moscow - and would be happy to use the airline again. The hotels in Moscow and Siberia, were comfortable and convenient; the transfer drivers were punctual and efficient; and the guided tours were friendly and informative.
As regards these, I would like to mention two guides in particular, without any disrespect to the others. First, Marina (we have no surnames), in Moscow, on 12th August, who seemed to have a special sensitivity for her city and its history, and ability to convey it - and how also went to some trouble to arrange our inclusion in an IntoRussia tour of the Kremlin, the next day. Anatoly, who let this, deserved a "Guide of the Year" award, for his vigour and knowledgability; it was scarcely credible that he enabled us, in so short a time, to see so many of the Kremlin's buildings and treasures, with clear explanations at all points.
However, our greatest pleasure came from the trains themselves: 80, 8 and 2, the Rossiya itself. Our cabins were comfortable, the facilities satisfactory, the food, if anything, better than at the hotels, and the train staff agreeable and helpful. In particular, we should remember the caterers on trains 80 and 2, Natasha and Vera respectively, who took a great personal interest in us and our welfare (I think that, on the last day of our journey, Vera insisted on providing us with 4 substantial meals!) No group travellers could have received better (if as good) treatment.
It has been a wonderful experience which we shall never forget; our thanks again.
Yours sincerely,