Michael and Camilla

Returned having had the holiday of a lifetime!! Thank you very much. We even managed to visit Novgorod so we can now say that we had lunch in the Kremlin! We also had a look at Lake Ilmen.
It was good that we missed it last year in hindsight as the Grand Hotel Europe in St Peterburg was superb and I am sure was better than the Radisson.
One piece of advice for you to give future clients would be to recommend extra time for the taxi journey from the Metropol to the airport. The traffic has been bad on both occasions (my business trip and this wonderful holiday) and the journey took nearly an hour and three quarters, so an hour is not enough. As it was, we were further delayed getting through the customs of about another hour.
Thank you again for your beautifully organized schedule for us. We saw the Hermitage and had a tour of the Kremlin and enjoyed the train and air travel, a boat trip and rides on the Metro. The trains are highly recommended. Well done!

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