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Holiday Destination: RUSSIA

Everyone who travels to the mighty Russia is mesmerised by her clear charm and the enigma that surrounds her. IntoRussia are the Russian Travel Specialists (and have been since 1938) so you can be sure that anything you book with this is protected by ABTA, IATA and ATOL, giving you complete piece of mind when travelling to this somewhat unexplored destination!

When thinking of Russia, this often conjures images of regal Tsar's, freezing temperatures and Babushkas. It has to be said that Russia is so much more than this, with fantastic treasures from Sochi to Vladivostok and Kamchatka. Each town and city in Russia has something unique to offer to tourists, from the almost untouched natural wonders of Lake Baikal and Kamchatka, and the rich culture and heritage found in Perm and Ekaterinburg plus the buzzing metropolis' of well known cities such as Moscow and St Petersburg.

Experience Russia with IntoRussia and speak to one of our travel experts who can help you to plan a trip that's just right for you.

Introductory & City Break Tours:
Real Russia Tour - 8 days, Moscow & St Petersburg from £1,085pp
Moscow or St Petersburg City Break - 5 days from £545pp

River Cruising:
Please see our selection of Russian River Cruises to suit a range of tastes and budgets.

Adventure Tours:
For an exciting range of adventure tours to Kamchatka and beyond please go to our Adventure Tours to Russia section.

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Holiday Destination UKRAINE

Standing guard at the cross-roads of Eastern and Western Europe, Ukraine, an independent republic since 1991, is welcoming visitors with an increasingly strong sense of pride and cultural awareness. This is not surprising for a country that once stretched from the Black Sea to the White Sea and the Carpathian Mountains, and today clinches the spot of the 2nd largest country in Europe. It is perhaps the centuries-old invasion and rule of countless foreign governments and kingdoms that gives modern Ukrainians their zest for life and a new-found passion for all things Ukrainian.
With a history that stretches way back to pre-historical man, it is no wonder that visitors are dazzled by a myriad of cultural, architectural and historical monuments including Greek colonies, Medieval Genoese, Turkish fortresses, Cossack battlefields, Tsarist palaces and evidence of numerous destructive wars. It is also a country of aesthetical natural beauty embracing the Black Sea Riviera, the mighty Dnipro River and the snow-capped Carpathians.

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Holiday Destination BELARUS

Belarus is a country which many have described to live up to the peace and tranquillity suggested by its name (White Russia). Here, in the middle of the European continent, time seems to tick away more slowly than in other parts of the world. This calm approach to life in Belarus causes nature here to remain unspoilt, values to remain eternal and people to be just human.
For years Belarus has been considered as a mere transit-zone between Poland and Russia. However, this country is hiding some awesome treasures in its cities, outstretched forests and clear blue lakes.
IntoRussia is happy to help you arrange a weekend break to the capital of Minsk, or an even more ambitious itinerary. Due to its location, Minsk can be combined with a number of other impressive Eastern-European cities such as Vilnius, Kiev and Moscow.

Holiday Destination LATVIA

A relatively small country with a will of iron, Latvia, situated on the Baltic Coast between Lithuania and Estonia, is fast growing to become a number one destination in Europe. Since the "Singing Revolution" which led to independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent incorporation into the EU, Latvia has embraced its ancient traditions as well as modern development to maintain a unique personality within Europe.
Like her neighbours, Latvia prides herself in the medieval architectural legacies which are so well preserved in Riga and other major cities. In addition to this, Latvia is a destination for nature and adventure lovers as well as those who wish to be pampered and relax. It is a very masculine country as a favourite for fishing and hunting holidays, yet also has its feminine side where ladies flock to buy amber and to enjoy the numerous spa facilities throughout this republic.
IntoRussia invites you to visit this country as part of our 3-centre Baltic Holiday (see our Classic Baltics Holiday tour) or explore it on your own by booking a tailor-made weekend break.

Holiday Destination LITHUANIA

Having been united with Poland for almost 200 years, then flying the Russian tsarist flag for another 120 years, enjoying a moment of independence between the two World Wars and again submitting to the Soviet system, it is not only amazing, but remarkably refreshing to see how a small country such as Lithuania has maintained its own identity, culture and beliefs. Situated on the Baltic Coast and bordered by Belarus, Poland, Russia and Latvia, this little giant has a hungry drive towards progression and development to secure a stable future for its 4 million citizens.
Lithuania is a country of beauty and tranquility, a land of flowing green hills and sweeping sand dunes dotted with old fishing cottages. It is also a country with unique historical treasures including the Old Town of Vilnius which is now a UNESCO site as well as Trakai Castle. Its people are also deeply religious with their landscape littered with holy sites including the Hill of Crosses which is a famous pilgrimage site for the Roman Catholic faith.
IntoRussia is proud to offer the city of Vilnius as a delightful short break as well as in combination with other cities such as Kaunas and Palanga (contact us for tailor-made advice). To see the best of the Baltic States, why not join our scheduled tour Classic Baltics Holiday.

Holiday Destination ESTONIA

Change, growth and development - these are the buzz words on the streets of modern Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Yet, these concepts that came with the declaration of independence in 1991 as well as membership of the EU in more recent years, are intertwined with the romanticism of knightly castles, age-old traditions and unspoilt nature.
More and more tourists are lured to the medieval centre of Tallinn, a mere 40 miles south of the Finnish capital, Helsinki, across the Gulf of Finland. Its location offers easy access to Scandinavia, Russia and the other Baltic States alike. Off course, this small country offers its own fantastic tourist gems including unrivalled Christmas markets and sport holidays.
IntoRussia offers an exciting 8-night tour (see our Classic Baltics Holiday tour) to the Baltic States with Estonia neatly positioned as the dessert of these three fine courses. We are also keen to help you with arrangements for weekend breaks or even more ambitious multi-centre itineraries.

Holiday Destination CHINA

A country with a recorded history of 5000 years and the world's largest human population, there are probably few countries in the world that have such a strong magnetism as China. Situated in the far eastern corner of Asia with a landscape ranging from the Himalayas to the northern steppe, this mammoth is awakening to the influx of the Western visitor.
Mostly associated with a long and bloody history, impressive inventions and landmarks such as the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, Tiananmen Square and the Terracotta warriors of Xi'an, China's variety in attractions and experiences is almost too big to describe or explain. From the more traditional capital of Beijing to the skyscraper-forest that is Shanghai, there is a little of everything for everyone almost everywhere in China.
IntoRussia has combined China with the equally illustrious destinations of Russia and Mongolia in our Trans-Mongolian Railway Journey (Classic Trans-Mongolian Railway Journey (TTM13)). China can also be booked as a destination on its own, or in any tailor-made combination with the aforementioned two countries.

Holiday Destination MONGOLIA

Sandwiched between Russia and China, landlocked in the heart of the Asian Continent, is Mongolia, once the centre of the mighty Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan and today a country which has preserved its traditional culture and personality like few other in the world. There are countless reasons to visit this somewhat mysterious place, being an anthropological dream and paleontology feast. The relatively late development of industry and the small population (some 2.8 million Mongols) has led to Mongolia's natural treasures being preserved in an unparalleled way. Its vast plains of steppe, the treasure-filled Gobi desert and the rich culture of its Nomadic groups, draw tourists from across the world.
IntoRussia offers tourists the opportunity to taste a glimpse (or more) of this enigmatic country. We can organize independent travel to Mongolia on its own, including exciting itineraries that include the Gobi dessert and stays in traditional ger camps. The most popular way of visiting Mongolia however, is in combination with its two giant neighbours: Russia and China. For this purpose, the Trans-Mongolian railway starting from Moscow and finishing in Beijing provides an excellent opportunity to stop en route in Ulan Bator, Mongolia's capital.
IntoRussia provides the opportunity to have a real taste of Mongolian culture, with 1 - 3 night stays in a traditional ger camp, a mere 70km from the capital. These stays include traditional Mongolian cooking and horse riding.
See our Trans-Mongolian Railway Journey (Classic Trans-Mongolian(TTM13))
or the Deluxe Trans-Siberian (Luxury Trans-Siberian IntoRussia Express (OET14)) for itineraries incorporating this truly magical destination, or contact us for more information on tailor-made travel.

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