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Trans-Siberian Tailor - Made
Build the unforgettable Trans - Siberian adventure of a lifetime
with IntoRussia.

IntoRussia offers a large selection of tours along the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian railway as well as on other rail tracks across Asia. As choosing the perfect holiday may be a daunting task, we have created a short guide to help you choose the right rail journey for you.

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Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway KAZAN
Visit the capital of Tatarstan. Known for its unique cultural blend, Kazan Kremlin has both a Mosque and a Cathedral side by side within its walls. Also, having undergone considerable development for modern day sporting events, the city still retains clear evidence of its fascinating history - the perfect blend of modern and ancient Russia.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Kazan Kremlin (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Kazan Ski Resort Complex, Raifskiy Monastery
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway PERM
This friendly city provides a fresh mix of tradition and contemporary culture as it is home to the annual White Nights Festival (June-July) and the interesting Kungur Ice Caves, as well as the harrowing Perm 36 Gulag.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Perm 36 Gulag, Kungur Ice Caves, Khokhlovka Open Air Ethnographic Museum
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway EKATERINBURG
The centre of the Ural Mountains and the natural divide between Europe and Asia, Ekaterinburg is a flourishing hub, rich in natural resources and a colourful history. It was here where the last Tsar and his family spent their final days.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Tsar Execution site, Europe-Asia Border, Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway NOVOSIBIRSK
The lively city of Novosibirsk is situated where the Trans Siberian crosses the River Ob. Now one of the largest cities in Russia and the biggest one east of the Urals, Novosibirsk is a fascinating city to discover the history and ethnic diversity of Siberia.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Novosibirsk Zoo, State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway IRKUTSK
The capital of eastern Siberia, Irkutsk developed its unique cultural heritage after many Russian artists, officers and nobles were exiled here after the Decembrist Revolt of 1825. It is the natural stopover en route to reach Lake Baikal, one of Russia's greatest wonders.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Museum of Decembrists, Open Air Ethnographic Museum
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway LAKE BAIKAL
The largest, deepest and cleanest freshwater source in the world is considered a natural treasure by the Russian people. Located in Siberia near the Mongolian border, and surrounded by mountains, forests and wild rivers, Baikal is an immense and breathtaking area of physical beauty. For the best views of Lake Baikal, we recommend you stay overnight in the village of Listvyanka.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Lake Baikal Cruise (Summer), Snowmobiling (Winter)
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway ULAN UDE
Situated amidst the vast Siberian steppe, this is a truly intriguing stop on the journey, offering a rare mix of Asian and Russian styles.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: City Tour, Ivolginsky Monastery
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway VLADIVOSTOK
Once created as a defensive outpost against invasions, for many years Vladivostok stood guard defending the Motherland on the Pacific coast of the Far East of Siberia. The city is now vibrant with an extraordinary mixture of culture and history, and was enriched even further in 2012 with its fabulous 150th Anniversary celebrations.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Seaside Oceanarium, Vladivostok Fortress
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway ULAAN BAATOR
Ulan Bator is situated on the banks of the Tuul River encircled by four mystical mountains. Mongolia was once the greatest empire under Genghis Khan, and is now one of the most enigmatic and romantic destinations on earth.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Terelj National Park, Horse Riding
Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway BEIJING
A truly remarkable destination, the mysterious and mesmerising capital provides an intriguing combination of ancient and modern style that captivates to all visitors. In particular, the Great Wall is one of the highlights outside Beijing, not to be missed.
UNMISSABLE EXCURSIONS: Great Wall, Temple of Heaven, Imperial Palace, Ming Tombs

Tailor-Made Trans-Siberian Rail Journeys Itineraries

The classic Trans-Siberian Moscow to Vladivostok route is just one part of the massive Russian railway network. There are many other routes to choose from. Not only can you choose to travel on the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian railway routes but you could also combine destinations from two different railway routes, for example, Ulan Bator to Harbin.

Tailor Made Trans Siberian railway  

Tailor Made Trans Siberian railwayTRANS-SIBERIAN

Tailor Made Trans Siberian railwayTRANS-MANCHURIAN

Tailor Made Trans Siberian railwayTRANS-MONGOLIAN

Moscow • Kazan • Ekaterinburg • Omsk • Novosibirsk • Krasnoyarsk • Irkutsk • Ulan Ude • Khabarovsk • Vladivostok

Stretching for 6560 miles the Trans-Siberian railway was built between 1890 and 1905 to connect Moscow with the coastal city of Vladivostok. There are many wondrous places to explore along the way including Ekaterinburg in the Ural Mountains, Irkutsk the capital of eastern Siberia and the natural treasure, Lake Baikal.

TRANS-MONGOLIAN RAILWAY (Russia, Mongolia and China)
Moscow • Kazan • Ekaterinburg • Omsk • Novosibirsk • Krasnoyarsk • Irkutsk • Ulan Ude • Ulan Bator • Beijing

This is the most popular route as it offers a great opportunity to explore three of the greatest cultures in the world as you journey through ancient Europe, Mongolia and Asia. The Trans-Mongolian railway allows you to enjoy the enchantment of Russia and discovering the wonders of Mongolia including the intriguing Ulan Ude and exciting capital city of Ulan Bator. If that’s not enough, you can then travel on to China. The line follows the same route as the Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Ulan Ude where it branches off and journeys forward to Ulan Bator and finally, Beijing.

You can tailor make your own trip with many stops along the way or embark on a group tour, stopping in Irkutsk, where you will see the impressive Baikal Lake and then in Ulan Bator in Mongolia and Terelj National Park, where you will get a chance to overnight in the traditional Mongolian ger and meet a Nomad family.

Moscow • Kazan • Ekaterinburg • Omsk • Novosibirsk • Krasnoyarsk • Irkutsk • Ulan Ude • Harbin • Beijing

Following Russia and passing by Mongolia, the Trans-Manchurian railway transports you to the vast lands of China where you can visit Harbin. Known, as the Oriental St Petersburg, it is thought to be one of China’s most beautiful cities. The line follows the same route as the Trans-Siberian from Moscow to Ulan Ude, it then branches off at the town of Tarskaya and heads through Harbin to the mesmerising capital city of Beijing.

Moscow • Krasnoyarsk  • Severobaikalsk • Tynda • Komsomolsk-on-Amur • Khabarovsk • Vladivostok 

Almaty • Turkestan  • Samarkand • Shakhrisabz • Khiva • Bukhara • Mary • Kokand • Khujand • Tashkent

This route traditionally includes Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan (the 5 Stans) and China. Our longest route on board the private trains will cover 4 Stans (except Turkmenistan).

Trans - Siberian Trains

The Trans-Siberian is not just a single train; it’s a mix of various trains that run along the Trans-Siberian Rail track across Russia and into Mongolia and China. The trains are used by locals as well as tourists. On our tours by PUBLIC TRAINS, we use the standard commuter trains that offer good quality and comfort. We also create the best possible TAILOR MADE ITINERARIES, based on convenient departure and arrival times to your destination.

For anyone looking for a different experience, we offer journeys by PRIVATE TRAINS. These are only for tourists and could be compared to a cruise as they all include full board meals and excursions, as well as tour leader throughout the entire journey. We offer tours by GOLDEN EAGLE, TSAR'S GOLD and IMPERIAL RUSSIA trains.

Advantages of journeys by Public Trains

•  Flexible departures: we can tailor make the tour to start on any day of the week *except the group tours with set departure dates

•  Flexible add-on: we can add as many excursions as you wish or if you are an independent traveller, we can also offer train tickets only

•  Hotel stays: during stopovers we offer good quality accommodation in hotels or home stays

•  Trains: good quality and for any budget from 3rd to 1st class

•  Perfect for better experience of local culture and traditions

•  Great social experience: you will meet fellow travellers from different countries as well as many locals

•  Prices to fit any budget

•  Frequent departures all year round

Disadvantages of journeys by Public Trains

•  Limited facilities on the trains (no showers on the train)

•  Limited upgrade options: some train offer 1st class cabin with 2 berths (however the bathroom facilities are still shared with the whole carriage)

Advantages of journeys by Private Train 

•  Tour leader present during the whole tour

•  Great comfort and better facilities

•  Showers available in higher travel classes

•  Different cabin types from 4 berth sharing to a luxury private room

•  Entertainment program on the train included

•  Full board on the train

•  Frequent stops and land excursions included

Disadvantages of journeys by Private Train 

•  Limited departure dates

•  Expensive packages

•  Tours operated by the Luxury train companies and not possible to amend

•  Most of the tour is spend on the train only (very few hotel overnights)

•  Large groups

•  Limited opportunity for independent exploration

Russian Train Tickets*:

As the Russian language uses the Cyrillic alphabet, the train tickets can often be difficult to understand.  The diorgam bellow will help you to understad the most important parts of the typical Rusian Train Ticket.

train ticket1. Train number

2. Day and month of departure

3. Departure time (note that Moscow time is used on all train tickets throughout Russia)

4. Number and class of carriage: П - simple reserved berth in an open sleeping carriage ("platzkartnyi vagon") К - soft-seated carriage ("myagkyi vagon")

    Л - first-class carriage ("SV vagon")

5. Cost of platzkart (place in a carriage without compartments)

6. Supplement for class of ticket above platzkart

7. Number of people travelling on the ticket

8. Type of passenger

9. From/To

10. Bed number

11. Passport number and name (entered when purchased in Russia)

12. Total cost of ticket

13. Tax and service fee

14. Date of arrival

15. Arrival Time (note that Moscow time is used on all train tickets throughout Russia)

*The information was provided by Russian Railways (rzd.ru)


Routes 1st Class
2 Berth
2st Class
4 Berth
Moscow - Vladivostok INF £ INF £ 7 days
Moscow - Beijing INF £ INF £ 7 days
Moscow - Ulaan Baator INF £ INF £ 6 days
Moscow - Irkutsk INF £ INF £ 4 days
Moscow - Novosibirsk INF £ INF £ 3 days
Moscow - Ekaterinburg INF £ INF £ 1 day
Ulaan Baator - Beijing 331.67 £ 230.54 £ 1.5 days
Irkutsk - Beijing INF £ INF £ 2.5 days
Irkutsk - Ulaan Baator INF £ INF £ 1.5 days
Novosibirsk - Irkutsk INF £ INF £ 1.5 days
Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk INF £ INF £ 2 days

*Rail Ticket prices fluctuate according to season and are subject to unforeseen increases by Russian Railways. The above rates should be used as a guide only. Your travel consultant will advise the latest rates when making your reservation.



Route Duration Stops Approximate price per person
Moscow - Vladivostok

14 days St Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Vladivostok from 3600 £
19 days Rostov Veliky, Murom, Vladimir, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal from 2800 £
30 days

Vladimir, Nizhy Novgorod, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk,
Irkutsk,Lake Baikal, Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk

from 5545 £
Moscow - Beijing

17 days Ikrutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan Bator from 3650 £
20 days Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan Bator from 3035 £
23 days Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Olkhon, Listvyanka, Ulan Ude from 3525 £

*Price includes: Departure/arrival private transfer;  Accommodation: Twin; Meal plan: Breakfast; Excusions: City tour in each stop; Train tickets: 2nd class, 4 berth compartment for Twin use.


A visa is required for all the countries you pass through, even if you are only in transit. Visas for Russia, Mongolia and China are all obtainable through our visa service.


Some people do not complete the whole journey by rail and prefer to fly from Moscow to Irkutsk before continuing to Vladivostok, Ulan Bator or Beijing by train. We can arrange this aspect of your trip as well as providing your international flights departing from and to the UK. Please contact us for a competitive quote for your international and domestic flights.


There is a range of guided optional excursions which you can take. From city tours at each stop-off to open air museums, cultural experiences such as dining with Mongolian nomads and staying in ger camps.


IntoRussia offers you a variety of pre and post Trans-Siberian destinations. Ask us about the 2 night ferry service from Vladivostok to Japan.


We have a host of hotels to offer for any stage of your trip, for as many nights as you wish. We can recommend 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in every city along the Trans-Siberian, Trans-Mongolian and Trans-Manchurian, routes.


Unlike in the UK, there is a big difference between seasons in Russia. Summer temperatures can be quite high and in the far north you will be able to experience white nights when the sun doesn’t set for a few weeks. You will get a chance to swim in the Baikal Lake or ride horses in Mongolian steppe. In winter, the country is enveloped in a thick blanket of snow. This can be a very good time to visit Russia as museums are less crowded and prices are also lower.

To see more information Click here to check our FAQ.

Anna Joanna Adam
September 2018

So helpful and patient - sorted visas, sorted hotels, sorted flights. Thank you Dagmara.

Kulmeet Kundlas
November 2016

Our trip was excellent. You and your team was excellent and I will continue to use your expertise in future

Ruth Currie
June 2014

Dear Brenda

We just wanted you to know how successful out trip had been. Everything worked exceedingly well - all transfers and trains. Hotels were good.

All the places we visited were fascinating in different ways and we would recommend them to anybody wanting stops on that railway line. The train was comfortable and we all slept exceedingly well being gently rocked. I would be happy to be sitting now with millions of birch trees gliding by!

Everywhere we went people were very helpful. I am glad we had learned a little Russian. Actually it felt a bit of a come down to be in St Petersburg, awash with Western tourists and all hotel staff speaking impeccable English! We had very much enjoyed being places with few if any tourists.

Thank you so much with all your work on our trip. We would certainly use you again though not just in the immediate future!


Michael and Claire
September 2011

Dear Foaud,
We arrived back from Beijing on Sunday. This is just to let you know that we had a fascinating trip without any problems. Our guide was very helpful throughout the tour. The train was very comfortable and the sightseeing programme excellent.

We enjoyed our extra days in Moscow, but we still didn't manage to se all we wanted to. We shall have to return. Many thanks for all your help in organising a wonderful and memorable holiday.

Best Wishes,

May 2010

My travelling companion Chris and I arrived back in Scotland on Sunday 30 May, and I have been meaning to write to you since to thank you for your assistance in making our travel arrangements on our 8,000 mile Stirling to Shanghai - Trans Mongolian trip so successful. Mongolia and Lake Baikal were highlights.
We managed to catch all our trains from Moscow to Beijing and overall the train, accommodation and transfer arrangements were great.
The agent in Irkutsk and Ulan Bataar were at the station to meet us and the transfers to Lake Baikal and the Terjel National Parke were great.
In general the accommodation was great especially the Green Park in Yekaterinburg - it was a comfortable and well located hotel.
I have been telling everyone about the great service we received from the IntoRussia Glasgow office and will certainly use your office again when we get around to our St Petersburg trip!
Thanks again for all your help.

Philip, Glasgow
22nd July 2009

We have been back for two weeks now. The trip was fantastic - thank you very much for the planning and all of the help and assistance. All parts were good and all IntoRussia staff and agents were very helpful indeed. The staff in Beijing were exceptionally good.

Anna, Tyne & Weir
28th May 2009

Sadly, we have now returned from our holiday and are back at work but we just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in organising the trip for us. We had an absolutely brilliant time, and much of that was down to the fact that the holiday had been so well organised. We were very pleased with our accommodation throughout the trip, particularly with the Dostoyevsky Hotel in St Petersburg, the Edelweiss in Ulaan Baator and the Great Hotel in Beijing. It was also really good to know that we would have transport to our accommodation upon arrival at all our stops along the way. You also had the patience of a saint dealing with all our queries before the trip and we would like to thank you especially for that!

Mr I Walsh
September 2008

We arrived back from our trip yesterday. I wanted to thank you for making the arrangements - all the tickets were available in their promised places and all the guides were on hand and helpful. We were particularly impressed by the chap in Irkutsk who was standing right outside the steps from our wagon of the train before we'd even disembarked. The hotels were all good as well, and the views from the Rossiya in Moscow were stunning, with the Baikal view excellent as well. The trains were all fine too - the one from Harbin to Beijing was, as you may know, especially plush (so the switch of trains was a bonus) but could not compete with the Russian ones for 100% punctuality.
Many thanks for creating the platform for an excellent holiday.

Noel Ing

As you know from our telephone conversation we returned last week from the above tour, which you organised. I am writing for both of us, to say how much we enjoyed ourselves, and to thank you and your colleagues in Russia for, and congratulate you on, the success of the arrangements. In a little more detail: we found all three flights with Aeroflot very comfortable - especially the "long haul" from Vladivostok to Moscow - and would be happy to use the airline again. The hotels in Moscow and Siberia, were comfortable and convenient; the transfer drivers were punctual and efficient; and the guided tours were friendly and informative.
As regards these, I would like to mention two guides in particular, without any disrespect to the others. First, Marina (we have no surnames), in Moscow, on 12th August, who seemed to have a special sensitivity for her city and its history, and ability to convey it - and how also went to some trouble to arrange our inclusion in an IntoRussia tour of the Kremlin, the next day. Anatoly, who let this, deserved a "Guide of the Year" award, for his vigour and knowledgability; it was scarcely credible that he enabled us, in so short a time, to see so many of the Kremlin's buildings and treasures, with clear explanations at all points.
However, our greatest pleasure came from the trains themselves: 80, 8 and 2, the Rossiya itself. Our cabins were comfortable, the facilities satisfactory, the food, if anything, better than at the hotels, and the train staff agreeable and helpful. In particular, we should remember the caterers on trains 80 and 2, Natasha and Vera respectively, who took a great personal interest in us and our welfare (I think that, on the last day of our journey, Vera insisted on providing us with 4 substantial meals!) No group travellers could have received better (if as good) treatment.
It has been a wonderful experience which we shall never forget; our thanks again.
Yours sincerely,

Contact us by phone or email today with any queries, to book, or for excellent rates and service on add-ons to your trip.