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Most of the inclusive tours on our website include economy class return flights from London; we use the best available rate at the time of publishing, therefore, the actual flight fares may be different and need to be checked at the time of the booking. The best available rate we include in our tours may be with indirect or direct flights with airlines such as KLM, Aeroflot, LOT, Lufthansa or British Airways. If you wish to fly from different airports in the UK or change to Business Class, we can make the necessary arrangements for you; there will be an extra charge for this and all flights will be subject to availability. We offer flights with a wide range of airlines for tailor made travel. In order to find you the cheapest available air fares, you may be offered IATA tickets, which are subject to separate booking and cancellation conditions, depending on the air carrier. For further details please see our terms and conditions. Your flight may stop en route to refuel or to allow passengers to embark, disembark, or change aircraft for non-direct flights. Provisional flight timings will be advised on your confirmation invoice. Schedules are subject to change and we reserve the right to substitute alternative carriers where necessary. You should plan to check in at the airport at least 2 hours before departure. Please pay careful attention to the details of the flights on your tickets, although these can still be subject to change after tickets have been issued. Please note that booking deposits will vary depending on the airline used.


Checked baggage and hand luggage allowance varies between airlines. Some airlines do not include checked baggage in their airfare which may result in additional payments being required after booking. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate checked baggage allowance for your flight.
Please note that due to new additional security checks there are delays processing through our UK airports which are affecting all passengers regardless of your final destination. You may be subject to additional searches and questions so we are advising all our clients to arrive in good time to check-in, pass through main security and at the boarding gate. The main change to security is that passengers travelling with any electronic or battery powered devices (mobile telephones, tablets, e-books, laptops, etc.) may be required to turn on their device in front of security teams and/or demonstrate the item’s functionality. Any device that has no power and that can't be turned on may be taken from you so please make sure your devices are charged before you leave home. All passengers will still be able to use electronic devices on board subject to the normal guidelines of using electronic devices in flight Safe mode. The liquid rule is still in place, as is the use of a clear plastic bag for all creams, liquids and gels under 100ml to pass through security.


A change of operator, aircraft type or destination airport, or a change in flight timings of less than 12 hours, does not constitute grounds for cancellation without penalty. UK Government Air Passenger Duty tax is included in the price of your holiday as well as all applicable fuel surcharges.
Overseas airport taxes are included where it is possible for these to be pre-paid. For your convenience, however, we can sometimes arrange for other overseas airport taxes to be paid locally by our representative or agents on your behalf and, where this is possible, the costs will be added to your invoice.
We use varied ground handlers; meet and greet drivers will display a sign with either your name or “IntoRussia” and it is your responsibility to locate the transfer driver. Do not leave the arrivals area and if you are unable to locate the driver, use the telephone contact numbers provided on your travel documents for assistance. For all transfers ensure that you have carefully checked your travel documents for pick up times and meet the driver in the reception area of your hotel at the stated time unless other details are specified.


On somemosttours, your flight will be met at the destination airport by a representative of our local agents, who will accompany you to your hotel and assist with check in. On some tours, transfers may be in the hotel’s own vehicles and in this case you will be met at the airport by your driver instead. On pre/post tour extensions you have to pay extra for transfers. In this case you will receive vouchers to be presented to your driver. Attention should be paid to the conditions of each tour where you opt to arrange your own flights, as you may need to pay extra for your transfers.
Our prices are per person based on 2 people sharing a standard twin/double bedded room (or 2 berth cabin on cruises) with private bath or shower and WC. Where overnight rail travel is included in your holiday, accommodation will be in 4 berth, mixed sex compartments. Upgrades to 1st class compartments are available on request. Single rooms, cabins or compartments for sole occupancy may be available at extra charge, although these may be inferior in size or location. If, for whatever reason, the hotel you have booked has to be changed, we will ensure you are accommodated in another similar hotel. Ger camps are based on passengers sharing 2 or 4 berth accommodation.


Rail tickets are not released for general sale until 45 days prior to departure. When booking rail travel with IntoRussia you are put on a waiting list to increase the chances of booking seats/berths. IntoRussia cannot guarantee train times or berth accommodation until tickets have been fully booked. There may be minor changes in train times and prices once tickets are released for general sale; you will be notified of the changes as soon as the tickets are available and, if necessary, we will advise the updated costs of the tickets.


If you would like to add a few days before or after an inclusive tour, we will be happy to make arrangements for you. Please contact us for full details.


If you would like to join the tour from anywhere other than the UK, we may be able to help with flight tickets and accommodation for additional destinations. Alternatively, we can offer land only itineraries tailored to your requirements.


Many of the areas featured on our websiteare still developing their tourist industry and local economies, so the environment, standards of health and safety, and levels of service may be very different from those we are accustomed to in Britain. Traffic and street noise, particularly if your hotel is in a city, are a routine part of life. Festivals and spontaneous events may disrupt our plans. Remember, the places you want to visit are also functioning as living and working communities. Building or road works may be in process at the time of your visit and all hotels require maintenance and refurbishment from time to time. We may not be given any advance notice of such work, but, where we are notified and it is likely to cause disturbance or materially affect the enjoyment of your holiday, we shall try to let you know and to make alternative arrangements whenever possible. The political, economic and social conditions in some of the countries are not as stable as those in Western Europe. Crimes against people and property, particularly in cities, are a regrettable fact of life throughout the world. You have the same responsibility for your personal safety and that of your possessions as you do at home. The Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice Unit may have issued information about your holiday destination.
You are advised to check this information before booking your holiday: www.fco.gov.uk / www.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo


British citizens must have a current 10-year passport for travel to all of the countries featured on our website. All passports must have 2 blank pages for the visa and arrival/departure stamps to be inserted (NB: No need for blank pages to be consecutive) and be valid for at least 6 months after the date of your return. If you do not already hold a passport, or need to renew an existing one, you must allow at least 6 weeks to obtain one – at busy periods it can take longer than this, so please contact your local passport office before making your holiday booking: www.direct.gov.uk/passports
If you are 16 or over and do not yet possess a passport, our recommendation is that you should apply for one at least 6 weeks before your holiday. The UK Passport Service has to confirm your identity before issuing your first passport and since October 2006 may ask you to attend an interview in order to do this. At the time of publication, British passport holders require visas for many of the destinations included on our website. Your attention is also drawn to Section 11 of our Terms and Conditions. Visas are issued in the UK by the consular departments of the relevant countriesor the Visa Centre. We are able to supply visa support documentation for any destination featured in our inclusive tours and fully packaged tailor made itineraries. All clients are welcome to take advantage of our visa checking service for both tourist and business visas – general information can be found on the VISA section on our websiteand is correct to the best of our knowledge. Visa applications can be obtained directly from consulates or the Russian Visa Application Centre, but this can sometimes be complextherefore we include with all our Russian packaged and tailor made tours the free visa support (*exceptions may apply in some cases; please check with your travel consultant at the time of the booking); we will complete the visa application form on your behalf. You will however be required to apply in person at the Visa centre. Please consult the VISA section on our website for more information. Using IntoRussia’s visa application service can help avoid complications as well as saving you time and money.
We can also organise business visas and visas for alternative destinations. Please call us on 0207 603 5045.


Vaccinations or inoculations may be recommended for travel to some of the regions but, as circumstances can change frequently, you should check with your doctor. The Department of Health produces a free booklet called ‘Health Advice for Travellers’ and this can be obtained online at: www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice
If you suffer from any illness, please make sure that you take enough medication on holiday with you, as some medicines may not be available locally. Stomach upsets can often be caused by a change in diet, climate or even by ice-cold drinks; you should also avoid raw food, tap water and excessive exposure to the sun. In some areas there may be a risk of insect bites, but you can reduce their effect by use of repellents and by covering up whenever possible, especially in the evenings. Clients with mobility issues must advise IntoRussia at time of booking as some excursions may not have wheelchair access.
Someof the Inclusive Tours on our websiterequire a certain minimum number of persons in order to operate. We will inform you at least 1 month before departure if the minimum number has not been reached and you will then have the choice of an alternative holiday, if available, at the appropriate lower or higher price or a full refund of money paid.


Please notify us in writing of any special requests relating to your flight or holiday (e.g. meal requests, adjoining rooms). We will endeavour to comply with your requests where possible, but cannot give a guarantee.
If you are planning a special tour (whether it is for a school, an association or simply a group of friends) or need to travel on business, our staff will be pleased to advise you. As well as providing a full range of flight, accommodation and ground transport facilities, we can organise special services such as interpreters, chauffeur driven limousines, assistance with conferences, exhibitions and trade events, plus visa support and procurement.
Whatever your interest or business needs, allow us to make all your travel arrangements for you by telephoning 0207 603 5045 or emailing reservations@into-russia.co.uk.


As far as we know, all of the information in this brochure is correct at the time of publication (April 2019). Further updated information can be found at www.into-russia.co.uk. If we are told of any changes, we will try to inform you in accordance with our Booking Conditions. 
We have made every reasonable effort to ensure that the information and pricing displayed on this website is accurate and responsible. We do not accept responsibility, nor legal liability for information or pricing that may have become incorrect, or misleading due to the passage of time, changes of ownership, or market conditions. Every reasonable effort is made to keep all information displayed current and up-to-date. To the best of our knowledge, information about destinations and holidays is accurate at the time of writing and publication. Please note that pricing is subject to change without notice, due to changes in Government taxes and fluctuations in the price of aviation fuel. We also use the daily Ret of Exchange updates on our website therefore the prices may fluctuate daily.