Borodino Panoramic Museum

Borodino Panoramic Museum
Founded 150 years after one of the most famous battles in history the Borodino Museum is not to be missed. It presents a collection of weapons, ammunition and uniforms. The centre piece of the exposition is a breathtaking painting by an outstanding Russian battle artist Franz Roubaud - the round canvas painting, 115m x 15m. Standing in the middle of this panorama you experience the battle during the 1812 war between Russia and Napoleon’s Grand Army. The epic battle on 7 September 1812 was one of the war’s decisive developments which took lives of more than 67,000 men. After spine-breaking Borodino Napoleon entered Moscow which was earlier burned to the ground by Russians who retreated deeper in the country, exhausting Napoleon's army. The Russian army led by General Kutuzov then chased the French all the way to Paris. Interactive displays of the museum shed more light on the progress of the brutal battle and the Napoleonic wars.


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