Visa Free Russia for football fans until 31 of December 2018
Visa Free Russia for football fans until 31 of December 2018

Visa Free Russia for football fans till 31 of December 2018

Hooray! It is official now: All Fan ID-holders who visited Russia in 2018 to watch FIFA can travel to Russia visa-free until the end of the year!

Starting from this week, all football fans who visited Russia to watch football will be able to enter and leave Russia multiple times until the end of the year.

The gesture is a symbol of gratitude for all the support and interest from football fans all over the world. After the final match of FIFA2018, the President of Russia said thank you to all of the guests, and highlighted how football managed to unite the countries all over the world even though the predictions from the media were not inspirational. He emphasised how it is important to see beyond the headlines. “We know that those who visited Russia may want to come to Russia again with their family and friends to explore the country more. For that reason, we want to create the most comfortable visa regime possible for them.”

Even more intriguing are the plans to allow the friends and relatives of foreign football fans to enter the country easier too. On the 20th of July Vladimir Putin stated: "I suggested my colleges should think about the solution. We'll let Fan ID holders come without visas until the end of the year, while their family members and friends accompanying them will also be able to get free visas.” While the plans above about the families and friends of the football fans who visited Russia are still not set in stone, FIFA Fan ID holders can return to Russia visa free anytime now until the end of the year.

Hundreds of thousands of football fans visited Russia to support their home countries. According to Russian officials, more than 1.5 million of Fan IDs had been issued. For this occasion, the main cities of the country were renovated, new buildings appeared, and Russia looks better than ever before.

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