We are ready to bet our best luxury holiday, that you’re secretly hoping for the year 2020 to be wiped out of existence.

When the lockdown was first announced, no one could have predicted the extreme implications it would have on the travel. After the first month, we were all hoping for the Summer travel revival. When this didn’t happen, we hoped for the Autumn season. It’s safe to say, this is not going to happen. And the same can be said for Winter holidays as well.

Should we curl up in the corner feeling miserable without travel and after reading the news about so many good travel agents losing their jobs, the once well established companies collapsing, we are feeling the pressure. Nonetheless, we are still here! We are feeling stronger than ever before! And we’re ready to take on the CHALLENGE!


Yes! We didn’t lose hope! On the contrary!  All our fantastic agents are working tirelessly, brainstorming ideas, looking for new travel trends, working on marketing, preparing amazing new tours for the year 2021, learning new skills... All because, we know that TRAVEL is resilient! We might not be able to go anywhere now, or we might not feel comfortable to do so even if it would have been possible, but we are sure that travel is what drives this world to move forward! People will never stop exploring; connecting with communities around the world; meeting strangers and learning about the different cultures. Once we are ready to travel again, we might do it in a different way, we dare to say – a better way, a lot more considerate for the environment and the people around us.


Where does it leave us, the small tour operator?  We tried adding new products to our portfolio: UK self-drive packages, European River cruises…but with all new restrictions appearing pretty much weekly, we are ready to forgo the physical act of travelling in favour of online interaction.

We might be small but we are mighty! Our new project is… the affiliate marketing! We want to bring all the best things in travel to your mobile, laptop and computer. We are scouring the net for the best travel gear, travel trends, books, destinations, inspirations… anything you read in our blogs, will be supported by an affiliate link. So if you ever thought about buying  that passport holder, consider this: check out our blog and click on Shop now button. The price you’ll pay will be the same, but it will make all the difference for us…we will get a small commission on the purchase made through the link on our blog.


We appreciate everyone is in a tough spot right now. Let’s help each other! Are you a blogger? Do you have an online business? Contact us and we will write about you – let’s exchange links and keep the business going. Maybe you are a travel agent who lost the job you loved (let’s be honest – if you were a travel agent, it’s a lifestyle choice rather than a simple career), maybe you re-trained and used your skills in other industry, maybe you opened an online business? If this is you, contact us and we will be honoured to write about you!

Contact us by phone or email today with any queries, to book, or for excellent rates and service on add-ons to your trip.