Happy International Potato Day!

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Chips, crisps, hash-browns, baked potatoes, fries, mashed potatoes, wedges... These are just some of the very delicious things you can make with potatoes…but also very boring. To celebrate the Potato day the proper way, try this (very subjective) 7 best Russian recipes! Enjoy!

1. Vareniki with potatoes

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The most traditional of them all. The dish common in all Slavic cuisine, similar to Italian ravioli. Vareniki are usually served with fried onions, sour cream, chopped herbs or butter. The secret that requires a great skill is to make an elastic dough that is thin and delicate but does not break when cooked and can hold lots of delicious potato filling.


Recipe https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/260819/vareniki-russian-pierogi-with-potatoes-and-mushrooms/

2. Draniki

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Potato pancakes, so simple yet delicious! The draniki is a national dish of Belarus as well as very popular breakfast dish in Russia. These are made with grated potatoes, onion, eggs and flour. Traditionally, they are served hot with sour cream.

Recipe http://everydayrussian.com/?p=48

3. Baked (or fried) pirozhki with potato

Russian Potato PiroshkiPicture by www.natashaskitchen.com

There are many variations of savoury pirozhki – essentially stuffed pies. These Potato Piroshki recipe are one of our favourites; filled with…you guessed it! Potatoes! And some fried onion as well. Fried mushrooms are sometimes added as well.

Recipe https://natashaskitchen.com/russian-potato-piroshki-with-garlic-dip/

4. Shchi / Schi – Russian Cabbage Soup

щиPicturre by ww.russianfood.com

We should get away with adding the cabbage soup to the list, after all – there is a potato in the ingredients list! This sounds like the most stereotypical dish: cabbage and potatoes. But really, once made at home, from fresh ingredients, there is no better one pot dish for the coming autumn evenings.

Recipe http://everydayrussian.com/?p=503

5. Zapekanka – the Monday miracle

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Zapekanka is the simple pie, similar to Cottage pie, and can be made with anything left over the Sunday family dinner. As long as you have plenty of mashed potatoes to cover it, bake it in the over until golden brown and enjoy! But if you really want the potato to be a star of the dish, try this quick recipe: 

10 potatoes, 150 g bacon, 2 onions, 3 eggs, salt, black pepper, dill or parsley.

Cut the bacon into small pieces and melt the fat; remove the bacon crackers and and the potatoes cut into strips or circles (make sure to well dip them into the melted fat!) and and fry until half-cooked. Add the chopped onions, season with salt and pepper. Beat eggs, lightly salt, pour over potatoes and put in the oven until golden brown.

6. Shuba salad – Herring Under Fur Coat

seledka shuba 21Picture by www.vcusnyatina.ru

One of the most loved salads in Russia and absolute must for New Year Eve’s dinner table. The salad consists of layered herring, potato, carrots, beets, eggs and generous amount of mayonnaise. It’s very testy as well as very beautiful thanks to those colourful layers.

Recipe https://petersfoodadventures.com/2016/12/29/shuba-salad-herring-under-a-fur-coat/

7. Fried potatoes with mushrooms

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As easy as it sounds - potatoes, mushrooms, onion, garlic and herbs. It is all you need to make this flavorful and comforting dish in just 20 min. The most important part is frying and flipping the potatoes, if you do it often enough you will be rewarded with delicious golden crust!

Recipe https://happykitchen.rocks/russian-fried-potatoes-wild-mushrooms/

Bonus Potato dish - Vodka!

Let’s face it – the most popular Russian potato based dish must be Vodka. Corn and wheat vodkas are valued due to their subtle sweetness and smooth taste… Potato vodka, on the other hand, is very neutral in taste, making it ideal for mixed drinks.

And next time you are in St Petersburg, make sure to visit the Vodka Museum or even better, let us book you a private Vodka tasting!

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