Six most interesting and unusual hotels in Russia you should try
Six most interesting and unusual hotels in Russia you should try

One of the things that can make or break a holiday is arguably the hotel where you are staying. Your temporarily home to return to every night and relax after a busy day of exploration. So why not make your stay remarkable by going for a slightly unusual hotel experience? In today’s blog we will tell you about six most curious and quirky hotels in Russia.

1. Aurora Village (near Murmansk) 

        Chasing the Northern Lights or looking for a romantic holiday? Why not make it special by staying in the unusual Igloo village near Murmansk? The quirky Igloo houses are made of glass materials and are perfect to enjoy the natural wonder of the Northern Lights.

       More than that, the village is located on the shore of the large Kentiavr lake, which adds even more romance to it.

       However, keep in mind to bring some food with you! We recommend a quick food shopping in Murmansk. While the hotel offers facilities to warm up your meals, it does not have a restaurant (yet). It is planned to open a dining room next season with traditional Saami cuisine though. We cannot wait!

Hotel Aurora Village.jpg Northern Lights Russia.jpg

2. Emperor Paul’s Bastion (Pavlovsk, near St Petersburg)

         If you want to experience a truly royal holiday, Emperor Paul’s Bastion is the place to be. The bastion was built specially for the Russian tsar Pavel I in 1797 and local people sometimes call the place Pavel’s Big Toy (Bolshaya Igrushka Pavla or BIP) because its main purpose was to entertain the tsar. A massive fire almost destroyed the bastion in 1944 but it has now been renovated and refurbished to serve as a unique boutique hotel and a restaurant.

         The hotel offers 22 rooms, all decorated in the royal fashion of the 18th century. It is a great place to indulge yourself and spend a day out if you are staying in St Petersburg.

3. Park-hotel Dacha Vintera (Ladoga Lake)

       If you like nature but do not like cold weather and still want to stay somewhere unusual Park-hotel Dacha Vintera is definitely a great option. Why? Because the park-hotel is surrounded by a beautiful fir forest. It is also located by the Ladoga Lake, the largest lake in Europe!

       The hotel is named after the prominent surgeon Gustav Vinter, who was very fond of all sorts of plants as well. This is why, there is a lovely dendropark with a large variety of plants from all over the world on the territory of Dacha Vintera.

       The place is perfect to take a break from the busy city life and become closer to nature. You can go and pick berries, have a picnic by the lake or even go fishing.

Visit Karelia.png Ladoga Lake Hotel.png

4. LeapRus (Elbrus)

         If you like active holidays and unusual accommodations, LipRus will definitely stand out for you. This eco-hotel is located on the southern slope of the mountain Elbrus (the highest mountain in Europe!) at an altitude of 3912 metres above the sea level.

         Apart from its unusual appearance the hotel will surprise you with its advanced ecotechnology. It uses solar batteries, special snow melting systems and thermal insulation. The idea behind the project was to create a comfortable accommodation in severe weather conditions while making efficient use of energy and recycling.

         The hotel does not offer separate rooms but rather 24 sleeping beds all with warm sleeping bags. It also has a café in the lobby and lovely panoramic windows offering magnificent views for nature enthusiasts.

Leaprus hotel.png LeapRus.png

5. Nesselbeck (near Kaliningrad)

         Want to stay in a castle? Then the luxury Castle Hotel Nesselbeck is perfect for you! It has the atmosphere of the Middle Ages combined with comfort and friendly staff. The Nesselbeck castle recreates the design and architecture of the Middle Ages, and its impossible not to think about the exciting history of the Teutonic Order while staying here. By the way, there is also a museum belonging to the castle which will tell you more about the history of the Order.

         Here you can also try knights’ armour on, try out archery or even learn more about the medieval tortures in the museum.

         Another treat would be a visit to the beer restaurant belonging to the hotel, as it offers the best of the drink.

Russia unusual hotels.jpg Unusual hotels Russia.png

6. Hermitage Hotel (St Petersburg)

       Hermitage Hotel or The Official State Hermitage Hotel in St.Petersburg is a perfect choice for those who like luxury and new experiences. Even though it is not located in the Hermitage building, (also known as The Winter Palace) itself, the atmosphere of the hotel is definitely royal. Each of the 126 rooms the hotel offers boasts its own design and no two rooms are the same! The design of the hotel is inspired by the best Hermitage works of art.

       Another unique feature of the hotel is its restaurant named after the famous Russian tsarina Catherine the Great. The dishes served there are based on the original menus served at the Winter Palace when it was home to Russian monarchs.



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