Post Covid Travel…what to expect?
Post Covid Travel…what to expect?

With governments slowly opening borders and allowing airlines to start flying again, it’s time to re-evaluate how we can travel in the post Covid era. After months of lockdown, when literally half of the world’s population has been sitting still, many of us will be hoping to return to some sort of normal. However, we can be sure, when it comes to travel, we’re facing a shift in what normal really means.


Let’s be honest, domestic travel is the way forward to save what’s left of the 2020 holiday season. Many of us will be seeking the guarantee of safe travel. Passport-free trips will become the first choice for a number of reasons; sudden border closures or the risk of being quarantined on arrival, are not exactly what we have in mind for our long awaited vacation. Every country is in need of help now: some offer domestic travel vouchers to revive local tourism (like Poland), Russia actively promotes local companies to entice people to travel this year and re-discover Russia...When it comes to the UK domestic tourism... it becomes our mission to rescue it. 

The road trip holiday will become the best way to travel this year. With hotels and restaurants opening across England, Wales and Scotland, there are plenty of exciting places to see and re-discover what UK has to offer. South East England, Highlands Self-Drive or The Old England tour with magical Cotswolds ...what will you choose?
In the battle UK vs The World, UK is clearly a winner...


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If you had to choose between an all inclusive resort, a crowded city break and the great outdoor...what would it be? We lived through the social distancing and it may a natural choice to opt for the nature...we need time to adjust to see people again 😊 and we crave open, wide spaces! There are immense benefits of outdoor holidays: dose up on vitamin D, get away from the Covid-19 chaos, the feeling of being safe and having time to reflect on what’s been happening around the world... 

Once popular digital detox forest holiday will become a new norm; Baltic States will be a destination of choice for the Great Outdoor holidays; Russia offers the most picturesque glamping sites (contact us for more details!), Scotland will attract crowds to the Treehouses popping up in Perthshire, agritourism will see a rise in popularity with simple mushroom picking and horse riding breaks. Getting away from the urban noises will be a priority for those who spend the lockdown in central London flat!


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For some of us, getting away from the urban noises might not be enough...Travellers will be dreaming of beach holidays, luxury dining and parties in the Sun...but travelling in the Covid-19 era will mean getting away from those type of resorts. Private villas, yachts, boats for hire, quiet costal and rural locations – that’s what we will crave now! It may also be the best place to reconnect with family! Stuck in lockdown, away from relatives for months...meeting in a neutral grand sounds like a great idea. And it does not need to cost a fortune if we spread the cost among family and friends. 

Of course, there are also options for the super-rich traveller; renting an island, private jet and a helicopter or even a whole hotel...it may sound crazy, but it’s actually possible and it is already happening! The quarantine hideouts are now offered in every country: you’ll get your luxury apartment, private butler, private food deliveries, your own personal chef, coronavirus testing... If you prefer to be on the move, the private Imperial Russia train (pictured), travelling the staggering 6,500 miles from mysterious Moscow to the culturally rich Ulan Ude and venturing east to the military port of Vladivostok, will be offering not cabins but the whole carriage – with butler and personal chef at your disposal. The luxury carriage can be attached to any Trans-Siberian train for a true Royal experience. 

For those on less extravagant budgets, many hotels will be trying to create less crowded settings, self-catering cottages, tents, caravans and treehouses will all be available at more affordable price. If you are really looking to get away from it all, consider Norway’s Birdbox cabins that host just two people and can be placed in pristine natural environments with minimal footprint.


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Living through a pandemic has shown us we cannot take travel for granted. It also allowed us to plan the dream holiday. With Summer 2020 being wiped away from the adventure travel calendar, we will be planning 2021 holiday, and it will be bigger and better than anticipated. The proverbial Bucket List just became real; we no longer plan for the future, we want to experience it now! Just as we are turning away from fast food, the same happens with fast holidays. The slow travel trend is a new adventure holiday; 2021 will be the year of longer holiday, sabbaticals, gap years...We’ll take time to slowly indulge in travel, as opposed to city break museum hoping. 

The cultural immersion, the leisurely pace of the rail travel is going to be THE DREAM holiday of 2021. That’s where we come in: the Trans-Siberian Luxury private trains are the way to discover more in a safer environment. Whether it’s Golden Eagle, Tsar’s Gold or Imperial Russia, we’ve got it covered.


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One of the few benefits of the pandemic has been the environmental bounce back: in the EU, daily emissions are down 58% since the outbreak and global levels of nitrogen dioxide are at record low. In the past few years, the green sustainable travel became more important than ever; many countries taking part in reducing overtoursim (Venice banning big cruise ships, Russian museums implementing time slots in its famous palaces...). Short city breaks by Ryanair may not be the first choice for many of us. However the rail travel is undergoing a revival! It is also the ultimate responsible travel holiday! With trains starting to operate around Europe again, it will be easy to pop in to Amsterdam or Paris from London...and to travel all the way to Vladivostok once the Paris to Moscow service is restored. 


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Understandably, hotels, airlines and cruise ships will be taking on extreme hygiene measures. Flight with the mask and gloves on will be the new norm, as well as boarding via the back of the plane, and handing out sanitising kits. Temperatures will be taken on arrival. With lockdowns easing and travel bans lifting, these will be some of the first countries to start welcoming visitors from abroad in mid-2020.

Russia is working hard on creating many innovative solutions: a device created by Russia’s Sberbank is a disinfection robot which is going to be use in public areas like hospitals, schools, offices and transport. It can disinfect a room of 20 sq. m. in just five minutes, and its high-powered lamps effectively destroys viruses on various surfaces. All Russian hotels are adopting strict health and safety measure this year: regular temperature screenings, carefully attending to social distancing rules, new order for catering and transfers, accommodation of 1 person per room and more...We are closely monitoring all regulations and working only with those who adhere to these point by point.


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What can you expect from tour operators from now on? With almost all travel bookings being cancelled from March to June and onwards in many cases, you will be looking for more flexibility when booking your next trip. We are here to help; offering low deposits when possible or waving them entirely in some cases. We have introduced loyalty schemes that will save you money for your next holiday. We are offering payment plans, best suited to your needs and we will carefully review each booking to make sure the terms and conditions are exactly what you’re looking for. 

The one thing, that we can be sure of, is that despite Covid-19, travel is alive and there is no doubt that very soon you’ll be packing your bags, heading to meet your dream destination. Travel is in our nature and no pandemic would ever stop you from exploring the world.

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