New Year’s favourite pastime
New Year’s favourite pastime

Like most of the population of the globe, spending time with loved ones around the TV with a cup of warm tea or chocolate is the most popular way of spending time around the holiday period. Some of the Russian classics that have been on the screen for years, associate with the festive season and never bore the viewer.

1) The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy your Bath! (Ирония судьбы,или с легким паром!)

A Soviet Romantic comedy by Eldar Ryazanov, one of the most successful Soviet directors. The plot revolves about the similarity of the soviet architecture of Brezhnev period. Even the same key fits every flat. Evgeny, the main character of the film, is a Moscovite who has a tradition of meeting his friends every New Year's eve and going to banya (traditional Russian sauna) with them. This time one of his friends is going to St Peterburg to his fiance to marry her after the celebration. However, after a few drinks their mutual friends put Evgeny into plane to St Petersburg by mistake and next morning he finds himself hung over in a different city without even noticing the mistake, as the cities look quite the same to him. Believing he's still in Moscow he finds the building with his Moscow address and his key perfectly fits the key hole. And this is where he meets his fate.

2) Ivan Vasilievich Changes Porofession (Иван Васильевич меняет профессию)

A Soviet science fiction comedy by Leonid Gaidai, another widely acknowledged Soviet film director, about an engineer and armature scientist who built a time-machine in his apartment. Unfortunately for him not everything goes according to the plan and he sends the superintendent of his apartment building and a burglar, robbing his neighbour’s flat to the times of Ivan the Terrible. Even worse, Ivan the Terrible is sent to the 20th century.

3) Gentlemen of Fortune (Джентельмены удачи)

A Soviet comedy directed by Alexandr Seryi has a special place in hearts of many Russians. the film had the highest number of box office sales for the Soviet Union having more than 65.02 million viewers in 1972! The comedy follows the story of a nursery school head teacher, Evgeny, who by coincidence, looks exactly like Dozent, the most dangerous criminal in the area. The Police hires Evgeny to join Dozent’s gang while the real criminal is in prison, to pretend to be their leader and gather information about the stolen helmet of Alexander the Great. The task which the good-natured head teacher finds particularly challenging.

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