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How to visit Moscow and St Petersburg?

It may seem like a strange question but there are definitely quite a few ways to visit the two capitals! Here is a short overview how you can discover the beauty of Russia; join a group tour, travel on a River cruise or even hop on a bicycle!

The Classic route

If you are a first time visitor to Russia, you may be inclined to join a group tour, otherwise known as a no hassle tour 😊 You will have your guide to show you around... fellow travellers to share your experiences with and good company during the odd independent exploration in the evening. You’ll jump on the Sapsan express train for a quick 4h journey and you’ll be in St Petersburg in no time! It’s a great way to see all the must see landmarks and museums: in Moscow, walk around Red Square, visit the Kremlin grounds and pop into the Armoury museum to admire the Faberge eggs. While in St Petersburg, enjoy a guided trip to Hermitage and Catherine’s Palace with the famous Amber room.
There is a small drawback though; you cannot change your itinerary or hotels you are staying in so if you are more of an independent traveller, choose a tailor made trip instead.

moscow group tour

The Classic Route – on your own

A great way to avoid the set tour drama is to do it yourself. You can pick the hotel you like, choose your own excursions, talk to strangers while queuing outside Lenin Mausoleum in Moscow (the queue can get really long!) and invite the newly made friends for some blinis with caviar. Instead of Sapsan express, get a taste of a rail journey with the overnight Red Arrow sleeper train. Go to sleep in Moscow and wake up in St Petersburg. The journey is surprisingly pleasant and the ticket cost is similar to that of the day time express!
On top of the all-time classic excursions like Kremlin and Hermitage, visit Bunker-42: a bunker under Moscow's streets once reserved for Stalin himself and travel to World famous Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre in Star city. In St Petersburg, get a bird's eye view of the city with a unique roof top tour! There is plenty of unusual experience for you to try in the Venice of the North.

moscow tailor made

The Classic route again...on the Volga River!

If you are more of an avid traveller and Moscow and St Petersburg are not enough...jump on a River Cruise! A river cruise for many is a synonym of a slow holiday for a not so young tourist. Nothing could be further from the truth! A Russian River Cruise is perfect for every age; packed with activities (not only line dancing though! you can learn Russian, cook pancakes, learn how to drink Vodka the proper way 😉). Excursions are included in every town and city along the way (and who would not want to see the Kizhi Island with its one of a kind wooden architecture!). What’s the most amazing though is that you are sailing along the longest river in Europe, passing by not one but two biggest lakes (Ladoga and Onega) and it will be hard to find better landscapes on any other River cruise out there.


The Classic route for adventurers

Let’s face it: every route is a classic route when it comes to Moscow and St Petersburg. But we can mix it up even further and visit the two best cities in Russia on a bike! If an image of a backpacker on a budget cycling alone comes to mind...well, we’ve got a better option. Imagine joining a small group of likeminded people, who love an active holiday but are on the lookout for something different.


On an 8 day trip from Moscow to St Petersburg, you get to stay in a nice 4* hotel before getting on a bike (don’t worry, we’ve got one for you unless you prefer your own two wheels). From DAY 2 every day is a cycling day! You will be covering from 30km to 75km daily and will visit such gems as the old town of Torzhok, Svetlitsa on Seliger lake and Veliky Novgorod, just to name the few. And if you are a lover of bikes and literature and simply cannot imagine a holiday without the two....there is Literature Bike tour where you get to see the place where Lev Tolstoy lived and worked, Ivan Turgenev's manor house, Nikola – Lenivets – the biggest art park in the world and more. During the trips, you’ll overnight in hotels and a sag wagon will be travelling just behind; no need to carry all your belongings on the bike and the professional support is there at all times! This is truly one of the best ways to visit the majestic Russia!

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