Germs! The dirty offenders you meet on your travels
Germs! The dirty offenders you meet on your travels

Next time you sit comfortably on a long haul flight while browsing through the in flight magazine... think twice before snacking on that packet of crisps your bought before check in. With Covid19 wreaking havoc around the world, we all developed a 6th sense when it comes to cleanliness.

Just in case, here is a list of 7 biggest dirty offenders you’ll meet on your travels.

Touch Screen Ticket Machines

Touch screen ticket machine

Touchscreen technology is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. From ordering food at a quick service restaurant, buying a ticket at a train station and cinema, or using an interactive map in a shopping centre, printing the boarding pass at an airport, collecting a package...the hygiene is definitely a growing concern. With Covid19 wreaking havoc around the world, operators are tasked with disinfecting the units regularly, the kiosks can also be fitted to hold sanitizing wipes and gels. Designed correctly, the self-service kiosks can be easy to clean to help prevent the spread of microbes. It’s possible one day to customized touchscreen with antimicrobial glasses or coatings that may help slow down bacterial growth and ultimately kill it.

Hotel Light Switches 

Hotel Light switch

According to studies, the main light switch was the dirtiest surface in the hotel rooms tested, and often contained high levels of faecal bacteria. No wonder, since the first thing we all touch when entering a room is indeed the light switch, just before heading to the bathroom to wash our hands. With all new cleanliness standards these days set out to avoid the spread of Covid19, all hotels are required to thoroughly disinfect the room before news guests. But why take any chances? Let’s make sure to wipe it clean once we enter the room ourselves. 

Hotel Remotes

Hotel rempotes

A remote is the last thing we think of when meticulously cleaning the hard surfaces in the hotel room. And it should be the first. Studies conducted by microbiologists discovered that remote controls have some of the highest levels of bacterial contamination in hotel rooms. No surprise there, since it is pretty hard to disinfect it! To watch without fear, disinfect the remote in a portable UV sanitizer or cover the remote with the hotel shower cap.  

Hotel bedspreads

hotel bedspreads

The hotel bedsheets are always cleaned thoroughly, the bedspreads though, not necessarily. Even though hotels have set up very strict rules due to Covid19, make sure to remove the top layer before a good night sleep. Or travel with silk soft lightweight sleeping bag liner instead. 

Pillows and blankets

airplane blanket

Next time you are offered a free pillow and a blanket on the plane, think twice before accepting. Particularly, if they are not sealed in plastic. Travelling short haul, with not much time to clean every single nook and cranny of the plane, we never know who sneezed in you pillow on the previous flight. Even though we are required to wear masks at all times on the plane, why take any chances. Bring your own blanket and pillow.The best is they both can be used now at home while working remotely on your laptop.

Water Fountains

water fountain

I must say I was surprised when the kids were stopped from using the water fountains at school. And then I read the dirtiest spots in schools are the water fountains. Bathrooms are cleaned multiple times per day, but when was the last time you saw a water fountain being sanitized? Think about it the next time you want to refill a water bottle at a public fountain during your travels.

Airplane Bathrooms

airplane bathroom

We all know bathrooms are not the cleanest of spaces. But the airplane bathrooms are the worst offenders. Because of their size, every time you flash, you splash bacteria on literally every surface. Even though they are designed to be easily disinfected, why take any chances. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, use the paper towel to open the door and sanitize your hands once back at your seat.


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