Explore Virtual Russian World in the Virtual Baltics!
Explore Virtual Russian World in the Virtual Baltics!

Ever wanted to visit the Baltic StatesTour with tiny Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania but had to postpone your travel dream due to Covid-19 pandemic?When it comes to cultural mileage, the Baltics are as fuel-efficient destination as you could ever hope especially nowadays staying safe-and-sound in the comfort of your own home! Pamper yourself and your home with small touches and pieces of Baltics.

There are three completely distinct cultures to discover in this wonderfully compact space – with markedly different temperaments, different languages which you might want to self-study; different traditions such as knitting; delicious food recipes you can cook in your own kitchen and the gorgeous healing Baltic amber.

Latvia is a homeland of one of Into-Russia’s team member who strive to deliver memorable experiences to those wishing to join us in this virtual travel around Baltics! A land of endless sandy beaches, soaring dunes, scent of enchanting pine forests and magical lakes – a trip to the Baltics proves that fairy tales do come true.

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Welcome to the Baltic states!

Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius? Who's Who of Baltic capitals... Let’s admit, we all get a bit confused when it comes to the Baltic capitals! Why not start your journey with one of the best Lonely Planet Travel Guides.

VILNIUS, the capital city of Lithuania, is mostly known for its architecture. The city’s UNESCO-listed Old Town offers an inviting mix of gothic, renaissance and baroque works, all set within picturesque cobblestone streets. Aside from the rare architectural beauty, the pebbly streets are pure delight to wander through, getting lost and finding yourself in one of the many bars hiding in almost every corner.

Walking around, you can uncover centuries of the Jewish history and find yourself in a country within a city! The creative neighbourhood of Užupis declared itself an independent republic in 1997 and you can now have your passport stamped in the Užupis Information Centre.

You can also discover the city from the Hill of Crosses, a monument to a group of martyred monks; it offers a spectacular panorama! And just half an hour away from Vilnius you’ll find yourself in a fairy tale with the magnificent island castle at Trakai. The surrounding forest is also part of the small national park and offers a perfect natural detox.

RIGA, the capital of Latvia, is the largest of all three Baltic capitals. Famous for the architecture of its old town, traditional Latvian ceramic bottled healing herbal balm Riga Black Balsam made using a single-barrel infusion technology,

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Latvian traditional knitwear, Baltic amber jewellery and delicious traditional food, Riga also boasts one of the largest markets in Europe.

With the massive Central Market offering Latvian food such as smoked meat and fish, black bread, cheese, and honey you will be amazed at the freshness and diversity of the local produce. Why not try and cook like a Latvian at home using this handy Latvian recipe book?

Just outside the city is the beautiful JURMALA - the only official resort in Latvia, well known for its natural resources - curative mud, mineral waters, pine forest and almost 25 km-long white sand beaches.



Staying home and staying safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown, pamper yourself with aroma of Baltic Amber limited edition candle by Voluspa Japonica and imagine yourself at Jurmala’s best beach spa. Pour a cup of tea and compliment it with Natural Bee Bread from Wild Estonian Meadows, switch on a CD with Estonian symphony orchestra for that real “Baltic tea ceremony” feeling.

You will get a chance to discover your wild side with a trip to Ķemeri National Park and the Gauja National Park, the latter one offering one of the best local walks taking in the remains of three medieval castles and a large cave, completely covered with graffiti dating back to the 16th century.

For those interested in history, Rundāle Palace, often called ‘the Versailles of the Baltic’, is an absolute must see.

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Last but not least, TALLINN, the proud capital of Estonia, is a magical place where the past and the future meet. The legacy of Middle ages and the Soviet Era will amaze you during long strolls along the cobblestones streets. Tallinn’s old town, peppered with spires, domes and turrets will amaze you; and a stone’s throw away you’ll find the city’s business centre with modern towers and luxurious hotels, trendy neighbourhoods and large shopping centres.

The city is very easy to access, being the first point of entry to Estonia for most visitors. Its alluring coastline is dotted with promenades and sandy beaches and especially rewarding during the summer but offers charming views of the iconic cityscape throughout the year. There are many sites to be seen in Estonia; medieval castles, quirky museums… but what must be the highlight of the visit is the Lahemaa National park, 70 km east from the capital. Lahemaa is perfect for a hiking trip and nature watching and can be easily done in a one day trip from Tallinn.



We hope you enjoyed your virtual Baltic holiday! Next, we recommend to explore museums, parks and nature in of our domestic self-drive tours.

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