7 Reasons to visit Russia in 2018
7 Reasons to visit Russia in 2018

From Kremlin to lake Baikal, from Dostoevsky to Zvyagintsev, Russian’s powerful beauty and rich cultural heritage have always made it a top bucket-list destination for many. However, 2018 promises to be a special year for Russia enthusiasts and here are some reasons why we absolutely have to visit Russia in 2018:

1. See the Football World Cup this summer

This summer Russia opens the gates for football fans from all over the world. Football has always been a special game in the hearts of many Russians and, not surprisingly, the football cup 2018 received a generous investment from the government to not only support a beautiful game but also create an impressive show. However, the best news probably is that you can visit Russia visa-free, if you have your football ticket! It will entitle you to your fan-ID, which will work as a magic key which lets you use the trains from Moscow to the host-cities for free, enjoy fare-free public transport in many cities and explore Russia to its fullest in-between the games. A holiday which ticks all the boxes!

2. 100 years since the execution of the last Russian Tsar

It has been 100 years since the tragic execution of the Russian Imperial Romanov family. The heritage of the Tsarist Russia will always be remembered by the beautiful architecture, exquisite art as well as the mystery of royal’s and their secrets. A number of events will take place in Yekaterinburg, where the family of the last Russian tsar was executed, as well as all over Russia. We are very excited to launch our own tour of the Royal dynasty of Romanov to commemorate the royal past of Russia and let you see the gems of Russian history with your own eyes.

3. The election

Whichever side of the fence you are on; the eyes will be drawn to the presidential election this spring.

4. Year of the Ballet

For those not that much into politics, the great news is that 2018 was officially announced the year of ballet. So do not miss out on the world renown dancing performances. The Bolshoi Theatre and the Mariinsky theatre are as always on the top of the list!

5. Lakhta centre

2018 is expected to see the opening of the Lakta Centre in St Petersburg. The building was designed by British architect Tony Kettle and will be the tallest skyscraper in Europe. Lakhta Centre will not only house offices but also a sports centre and a children's science centre. It will also be a treat for art lovers, containing 1500 square meters of indoor exhibition space. The cherry on the top of Lakhta will be a free public observation deck.

6. Good currency rates

There is still a chance to benefit from a good currency exchange rates. One pound can buy you two bus or underground tickets on your top up card, 3 large bottles of water or two ice-creams on a hot day!

7. It’s always fun

It is simply fun to visit Russia with its natural beauty and unique character. See the wold’s biggest art and culture museums like Hermitage or Tretyakov gallery, spend a day wondering around little quirky shops of the Arbat or take a route off the beaten track and jump on the Trans-Siberian express to meet a completely different rural and at times wild side of Russia.

We cannot wait to see you in Russia in 2018!

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